ERG! 1475 Emails… Time For The Monthly Email Clear Out

Direct mail marketing. Everyone loves that giddy feeling you get when you open a piece of snail mail. It’s just so darn rare today with the significant reduction in costs and effort to send a mass number of emails on a daily basis; emails have taken over. So with emails becoming the new ‘direct-mail’ what gets you to subscribe to a company’s emailing list? It may be for an online purchase, to receive discounts, to keep up to date with a company’s happenings, or any number of other things. I have to ask, just how effective are these emails as promotional tools for a company?


I know personally, that I get driven up the wall when it comes to the number of emails I get on a weekly, daily, or even hourly bloody basis. I barely even read them anymore. I have actually gone off on a bit of a rant and decided to unsubscribe from a large number of the major culprits filling up my inbox with crap.


The second thing that has begun to annoy me with emails is that it’s the same information, over and over AND OVER! (Yes Bra’s n Things, I got your first 50 emails! I know you’re having a sale!). One of the biggest things to keep me hooked on email subscriptions is the hope that I’m going to get new and exciting news. Once a company sends me about 5 emails consecutively about the same topic, they break the trust and ultimately lose our friendship.


I don’t know about anyone else, but I LOVE junk-mail. I sit there, and order each catalogue from least interesting, to most interesting so I finish on a high. The beautiful thing about junk-mail is I only get one a week from each company. I sit down with my junk-mail in one hand, tea in the other and delve into the blissful world of things I wish I could afford.  What’s more, is I get a variety of products to look at and compare, I don’t have just a single email, containing the words ‘sale’ or a single new product that I honestly don’t care about.

junk junkmail

Emails are supposed to be quick, to the point and easy to read so perhaps they should offer weekly emails (maybe even less frequently to keep consumers hungry) with the top news in the actual email and an online catalogue link attached for those who want to spend the time in the rest of their products and promotions. This could be an easy medium between being an affordable and easy option to reach a large audience, but provide them with interesting information they actually care about. And most importantly is infrequent and makes consumers more likely to look forward to receiving it.


So why do you sign up for an emailing list? Or more importantly what keeps you hooked to email subscriptions and/or what makes you unsubscribe? Is there anything you think company’s can do to improve their email messages or is the information in this mode of communication today just simply not effective anymore? Leave your comments below!


6 thoughts on “ERG! 1475 Emails… Time For The Monthly Email Clear Out

  1. Daniel says:

    Hi. I can’t say I am like you and am a fan of junk mail, but I must admit I am on many a mail list for emails. However the main reason I subscribe to any of these sites is for access to exclusive pre-sales to events (mainly music events). So the types of sites I subscribe to are either the ticket providers or various different promoters that often promote music artists I like. In saying that I virtually never read any of the emails I get other than the subject line just in case something is going on sale I hadn’t already heard was coming out. And actually quite recently that worked for me. I read the subject line found out about a pre-sale to something I didn’t realise tickets were available for yet and as a result got 2nd row tickets!!!!

    So as for their effectiveness, for me, other than special access to pre-sales (and/or other deals), I don’t sign up for anything, so special deals and access is the way to go for me. And a good subject line in the email to get me to actually read it once I’m signed up doesn’t hurt either.


    • Wicked, thanks Daniel. So it really has to be tendered to your interests. Perhaps if they found a way of acquiring details on what you’re actually interested (eg the bands you like) then they would be better able to send you emails you actually care about, as opposed to mass boring communication! Thanks 🙂


  2. Not a huge fan of junk mail and to be honest I dont know how I ended up with so much of it. I think it may be an accumulation of signing up for things for shopping discounts (the consequences of being a shopaholic :(). I think the subject line and the frequency of the emails determine the effectiveness for me. Personally, weekly spam doesn’t bother me but daily does….especially if it is extremely repetitive.

    Despite my annoyance towards them though I keep signing up for more and more, all for that discount though much the same like Daniel said before it has been a huge benefit for events. Its a give and take, companies need to be more relevant and less annoying is all.


    • Hey! thanks for the response! I’ve got to say I think I’m the same, I’ve accumulated SOOOO many subscriptions because of my intense shopping addiction. Subject line! One I hadn’t thought of. That is true! with a catchy subject headline I get intrigued and open it, and I’m usually more inclined to read!

      I’m also the same, I will get annoyed with a companies emails, unsubscribe, but the SECOND they offer things like discounts I’ll re sign up. such a sucker! and the cycle repeats!

      Thanks for your perspective 🙂


  3. Really interesting post Rebecca! i usually subscribe to emails when im in store because they offer me further discounts. Most of the time ill actually read the emails and like you ill unsubscribe if they continually spam me with the same information. I also seem to get text messages too from some companies which i find more annoying unless its a big discount which it usually is!


    • Hey Eliza, yeah I have to agree with the text messages. I’m usually a lot more hesitant to hand out my mobile number, and I can only really think of one company I’ve given it to, which is ISHKA. I love getting messages from them though. It’s usually a 30% sale or 50% sale. But I find I pay much more attention to those, than I do emails. maybe getting texts is just more important nowadays. But I’m sure if EVERY company then tried texts, we’d stop paying attention to those too! I’m curious if there’s a method that we won’t get sick of?


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