Stop Shooting Me Idiot! We’re On The Same Team!

I’m not saying I’m a professional video gamer, I’m probably not even a good video gamer, I’m actually quite pathetic, especially at first person shooter games, but I love them none the less.


Now I don’t know about everyone else, but ever since I was a wee little wiper snapper, I’ve loved playing split screen games. It was awesome bonding time with my siblings or friends when you had them over. As I have gotten older, I do understand the appeal in a lot of games moving to the online platform; you don’t have to go over to your mates to play with them, you get an unlimited number of competitors, and you can do it all from the comfort of your own bedroom, but I hate playing like that! Well I don’t hate it, I just prefer the atmosphere of playing alongside someone in the same room split screen style. What I hate is the fact that gamers pretty much have no choice in the matter anymore. As consumers demanded more online compatible games, the split screen started to die out. I see it as a classic ‘be careful what you wish for’ scenario. We all wanted to cut out what little effort and exercise we got going over to a friend’s place to play games that now for a large majority of games (bar some sports and racing games) that’s now our only option.


 I do understand that from a companies perspective this encourages individuals who want to play multiplayer to subscribe usually on a yearly basis to do so. It means that instead of just making that single purchase for the game and never hearing from the player again, these organisations encourage their consumers to come back every year to renew the subscription. This results in more money being spent, and periodic contact between companies and their consumers. What I don’t think is fair is this lack of choice for the consumers. YES it’s getting the companies more money, but can’t they just let us have our bloody split screens back? Won’t it result in a loss of consumers who don’t WANT to use the online platform? Don’t you think we should have the choice!? Why does it have to be an either/or situation?? I think this chick below has got it right.


We recently went and bought the xBox One as a procrastination tactic in the last exam period, it said it came with 4 games. Awesome! One of which was Titanfall which looked pretty cool. It wasn’t until I actually read the description that I realised it’s ONLY available online, and ONLY one player! If I want to play it we have to spend $80 for a 12 month online subscriptions. What’s more, you have to wait for other people to join the game online; my boyfriend waited up to 30 minutes to play a single game online because it took that long to form teams! I think this picture below encompasses my mood.


 So what do you think? Are these companies risking losing consumers by limiting the options to the online platform? Is it downright ‘smart’ or ‘cruel’ to only have this option? If enough people start speaking up, do you think they’ll bring back the split screen option? Leave your comments below!


4 thoughts on “Stop Shooting Me Idiot! We’re On The Same Team!

  1. Calum says:

    The release of titan-fall was always set to be multiplayer only with no single campaign and was never said otherwise, because that’s where the shooter player base is headed, competitive multiplayer. The reason you had trouble finding games on Titanfall is because it didn’t hit off as big as was expected and the player base is low and especially being from Australia it will search for low ping players first. On the topic of split screen, it is in less demand and also poses more technical difficulties. Allowing split screen on a single unit means twice as much demand on the hardware which means less pretty graphics and physics engines to make these games the way they are and how they are capable to play with maps of 64+ players at a time with beautiful effects and styling, which despite everyone yelling “OMG IT’S ALL ABOUT THE GAMEPLAY WHO CARES ABOUT GRAPHICS” it is still a big part of selling a game, looking at you all you elitist gamers who won’t buy the “xbone” because it has slightly less powerful specs or features that no one ever uses anyway, than its biggest rival the PS4. My last comment is about the yearly subscription for internet play on the Xbox. As much as I don’t like it, I can understand why its there, the upkeep for all the servers and support to make these games continue to work takes man power time and money and with only the single chunk of money coming from selling the units themselves they will not make enough to cover the cost of running the feature and keeping up with their income desires.


    • That’s a good point to pick up on though! That Titanfall wasn’t a big hit on the platform they tried, shouldn’t they have offered something like single campaign and/or split screen multilayer as an option to keep people interested in the game? They’ve kind of put all their eggs in the one basket hoping this ploy would work.
      I’m sorry but I’ve got to agree with the not caring so much about the graphics, I remember playing the first ever halo and I really don’t see it as being much better now than it was 10 years ago. When you’re playing you don’t notice unless it’s side by side, I think it is the experience from a personal perspective that’s more important. But maybe that’s an area for companies to improve, maintaining graphics AND running at a higher level.
      I totally agree with the subscriptions to maintain those running costs, but I also believe that if they offered both the online platform and split screen option they wouldn’t loose players, but gain more. They should offer both. Thanks for your comment 🙂


  2. Jack says:

    It’s unfortunate. CoD still has split screen, as do all the Halo games. But fewer and fewer people want it and so it’s less and less cost effective to make. Nintendo seem to be the only ones who are solidly behind split screen play, and they don’t really make shooters (except for Splatoon which is only 1 player as well).

    That said there are a lot of good multiplayer indie games available so the idea of all your mates in a room fighting for sofa space is still alive, though none that I know of are shooters.


    • I do enjoy my Halo, it’s the one game that hasn’t let me down! It does suck that (as usual) fads are what the majority want, there are those niche indie games, but they’re never as fun as shooting things, they’re a lot like arcade games that don’t have the depth and story line of many games out today. I’m hoping that these larger companies will hear the pleads of the few and restore our hopes, but it’s unlikely because of the lack of monetary return.


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