Sucker For Every Trick In The Book

I’ve got to admit, for a marketing student, I’m one hell of a sucker for the oldest tricks in the book. My most recent big purchase was a new  telly. I had found this Hisense 50” for $498 at The Good Guys, with a 3 year warranty and jumped in my car to check it out. When I got to the store I suddenly started to get cold feet, thinking to myself “do you really need this at the moment?! Shouldn’t you wait and see if there’s better deals around Christmas? Maybe wait until you move out next year?”


It wasn’t until the salesman said the words “we’ve got a few left I think” that I instantly said “I’ll take it”. It was that one small sentence. We have a FEW left. Now I’ve worked a long time in both retail and hospitality, and I know the tricks of using scarcity of a product to try and push sales, if consumers think they are going to miss out, they’re usually more likely to jump at the opportunity to buy it, but I fell for it anyway!


Now, for those of you in my Digi Marketing class, you may recall a few weeks ago, Kristel had one awesome t-shirt on with “the good, the bad and the ugly” written on it with the good/bad cop from the lego movie, for everyone else I’ve stuck a picture above. After the lecture I instantly messaged her with a very serious question as to where I could get one. She directed me to a very interesting website, However, that particular shirt was no longer available. These shirts are only available for a certain amount of time, and there’s a little timer on the side of the site telling you how long you have. However, I decided to stick around and look at what other shirts they had. I fell in love with the geeky designs, especially the Doctor Who ones and made two purchases very very quickly (image below). Now I’m no stranger to online purchases, but I generally only buy things like books, technology, or accessories that don’t necessarily require me to try it on, or check the quality, fabric etc. I hate buying clothes online; over and over I hesitate because I have bought stuff online and regretted it, it doesn’t fit properly, it’s of poor quality, it doesn’t look like it did online, so why did I purchase these shirts so quickly?

blink frozen

The reason was because of FOMO – Fear of missing out. I didn’t want to miss out on these awesome designs. It was probably one of the most successful methods of ‘time out’ purchases I’ve seen online, yeah you always get tempted by scoopon, but you know the product is shit so I usually don’t go on it often. What was strange was the way I immediately let go of all my previous online clothing purchase fears the second this deadline was implemented.

deal ends

What do you guys think? Do you fall for these types of techniques? Have you had a similar situation of FOMO?


One thought on “Sucker For Every Trick In The Book

  1. I always buy clothes online, and a vast majority of the time they are limited run clothing, so once its gone its gone forever. When i see them getting low on sizes i always get sucked in to buying the product. Another example is Vintage Marketplace which is all over fb at the moment, which only have the one product in the one size and i’ve bought a few items off their which was definitely FOMO!


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