What Are You Looking At Glasshole?!

Wearable technology. I’ve got to admit, I’ve been increasingly interested in the new wearable technologies that are making their way on to the market. I’ve investigated all the new watches that have come out but seriously think that I only want one for the sake of wanting one! I keep making excuses like “I’ll use it for monitoring my exercise!” but I know that the tiny screen would just be a pain in the ass and end up going straight back to my phone once the novelty wore off in about 2 weeks. However, one thing I have been eagerly awaiting is the release of the technological glasses. That’s right, I’m a Glasshole, or at least I wish I was. At first I was terribly skeptical about the purpose behind them; I saw it as just another attempt to squeeze money out of those that have it to spend, but after watching this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSnB06um5r4I suddenly thought how awesome it would be to be able to do everything just from voice activation, having a camera, phone, GPS as well as countless other devices on you at all times.


I do however have certain reservations about these types of devices. One of which being that it would make others uncomfortable to feel that I basically have a computer on me at all times and they feel I’m invading their privacy (even though technically people don’t seem to care about their own privacy from all the crap they post online without a second thought). Now I know I sound paranoid saying this but another issue I have is that it seems like the type of device where the government, companies or any other number of individuals can basically watch your E-VER-Y MOVE! It could turn into some Total Recall shit where the phones are implanted in people’s hands and then you’re completely track-able (Whilst it is kind of cool, you’ll never lose your phone again, I also kind of get the feeling that it’s like when we stick tracking devices in our pets, we’ll all just suddenly become someone’s animal).


The biggest reservation is our reliance on this type of technology. Will it get to this stage where technology and human become one? Are we all just going to suddenly panic when there’s a major power surge and the technology fails? Are we going to become that heavily reliant on technology that we resemble the humans from the Wall-E Movie?


I never learned to use things like a Melway, and never bothered to learn street names, why would I bother? I had a GPS! I’ll tell you why, because about 2 months ago my GPS crapped itself, and suddenly I had no idea how to go to a number of places I’d been a million times before. Basically, I was screwed.


Whilst these types of technologies offer some fantastic opportunities, I think there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Especially if these technologies become the center of our universe. What do you guys think? Are you pro-wearable tech, or adamant against these contraptions? Let me know in a comment below!


8 thoughts on “What Are You Looking At Glasshole?!

  1. Emma says:

    LOL even if you had learnt to use a Melways I bet you didn’t have one in your car!
    Now that we have moved onto the internet we don’t carry encyclopaedias around! There’s nothing wrong with growing out of things.

    Phones are going to be the next thing we grow out of!
    Think about it – those lucky enough to be on apple 😉 already text/call/facetime their friends from their iPad or Mac … add wearable technology and what do you need the phone for? mobile browsing? that’s where your iPad mini comes into play!

    Personally I’m more keen for the smart watch than the smart glasses, i think because they’re quite obtrusive and forceful… where as i see the watch being more subtle….

    anyway, good blog Bec!


    • I agree with my excitement, but im still skeptical about if something screws up all this tech. We know its not completrly indestructible, check out the hubub with the photos on the cloud getting leaked. What happens if it all crashes and we dont have basic skills to fall back on?


  2. Elias says:

    There appear to be two sides to this argument regarding this sort of technology. One side will look at the advances technology has made and approach it with gratitude and acceptance while the other will turn it away purely due to the aspect that it is something new and somewhat fearful of what may come with it.

    Let’s take the Glasses for example. These glasses are a major advancement in technology. No one has thought of them before in the sense that it allows not only the user to look through life in a different perspective of viewing, but also the possibility to do multiple tasks.

    This type of wearable technology also has its downfall. Without ever wearing one mind you, I believe personally it would get in the way of many everyday activities.

    All this said, we have other things to think of with all these technological advances…….Security.

    Sure, they look nice, they feel great, and they give you a morale boost for most part when you wear them compared to other people (lets face it, they’re trend starters) but it also includes certain security aspects which may or may not be safe. For example, NFC chips.

    Other than that, we have those who are fearful of the product due to privacy….

    They have every right to be fearful, these products have certain permissions due to the applications that come with them which allow for location tracking and suggestions of areas a person is interested in is an example of invading ones privacy by allowing the use of searched history to market what that individual has searched….This can also be translated over to location watching and once again, the NFC chip in ones credit/debit card.

    Other issues include the cloud server which I shouldn’t have to tell you, has had major flaws (recent celebrity scandals)

    For these reasons and many more, I personally wouldn’t get any of these wearable items…At least not at this stage, the tech is still inferior and not understood to its full potential in all aspects.


    • You certainly sound like a bit of a Early Majority in the product life-cycle, You won’t be the first person to get new products, but you won’t be last, you’ll grab it when it’s hot and kicking but also trustworthy and proven to be good.

      Ha ha I giggle at your term of calling these Google Glasses ‘Trendy’, I’m pretty sure a lot of people think that these Glasshole’s look like dorks. But I’m sure that as things progress they WILL end up looking trendy and cool, I mean look at phones today in contrast to the bricks we first had!

      I completely agree with the privacy issues you have raised, I did just mention in another comment above the issues with the Cloud Breach.

      I think that it’s kind of inevitable that as time goes on, technology will be developed and ultimately adopted, there’s nothing we can do about it but sit back and lather up in layer after layer of wearable tech until we look like little robots. I am heavily concerned about privacy, but my biggest concern is some major power outage, or some people that just want to watch the world burn and embed a virus or something like that into the system making it fail. We will not know what to do with ourselves, we’ll be helpless. If we learn to rely too heavily on technology, if it’s every taken away from us, we’ll not know how to react, and that is truly scary!


  3. Great post! I am personally worried that technology is coming to the point that it is taking over our lives. We are not only becoming excessively dependent on these devices, but even at times replacing them for the everyday wonders of life. How many of your friends ignore you just so they can be on their phone or tablet? I know I have a few. As handy and even cools some of these gadgets are, I just feel we’re going down very boring and nerdy path

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    • I agree! does it not drive you up the wall when you’re out for dinner and everyone is on their phones, but then your hand twitches as you contemplate grabbing your own!

      Do you find it hilarious the way you may go to something like a festival, and everyone misses the LIVE show they’ve payed about $100 to go see because they’re watching it record on their phone or tablet?!

      I have voiced my worry about our dependence on tech both in the blog and in the comments. Worry that if one day it all fails, we won’t know what to do with ourselves.

      I have however just thought of this reading your comment; what about all the tech watches that are coming out, they are HEAVILY marketed towards the active user, they are encouraging individuals to get out and exercise and use this tech to help them monitor their activity in the REAL world, so perhaps not all is lost!


  4. The link you’ve included really shows all the awesome things about this product. I mean who wouldn’t appreciate being notified that your train will be delayed and then be provided with an alternative without even having to think about it! However I do worry about how much of a reliance people would have on these products. Will everyone just stop thinking… I mean with these glasses you wouldn’t have to and what happens when they malfunction. You’d just have a whole bunch of lost looking glassholes wondering aimlessly around the city


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