My name is Bec, and I’m a Candy-Crush-Aholic. It’s been about 3 months since my last crush. Everyone jokes around about how addicted they are to Candy Crush, but I legitimately was. I knew that it was time to uninstall Candy Crush when I started closing my eyes, like when I tried to go to sleep, and all I could see was candy combinations. I would desperately wait that dreaded 20 minutes for a new life. So I asked myself “is this just happening to me?” and “why is Candy Crush so addictive?”


The short answer is ‘no’ it wasn’t just happening to me, I had spoken to one other girl who admitted she also had to delete Candy Crush because she too would make combinations when she closed her eyes. In my casual Google searches I came across a report done by one Dana Smith (retrieved from


I’ll give you abridged version. For those of you who haven’t heard of ‘Dopamine’, this is a neurotransmitter that is released in the brain to signal happiness, glee and especially pleasure. Generally this is associated with Gambling when you win, it acts as a reinforcement to encourage you to keep gambling. Candy Crush, along with all the other Saga Games (including Pet Rescue, Farm Hero and Bubble Witch, all of which I had to learn the hard way I’m addicted to) operate on this same system.


These Saga Games have a few easy level to start with, to help start releasing this Dopamine. Once things get a little more difficult this release is more difficult to achieve and more intermitted. Crushers will desperately attempt to achieve this feeling of bliss once more.


Candy crush also limits the amount of time you can spend playing. They provide you with 5 lives, and once they’re gone you need to wait 20 minutes per life. This means that players are always left wanting more, unsatisfied. To try and earn a little cash on the side, these Saga Masterminds have also made it so you can pay cash for the replacement of your lives for those real hardcore addicts (I swear, I have never payed… but may have considered it).


So fellow addicts, how do you feel about this? Are you outraged that this company is conditioning you into coming back, OR is this just smarter than most other harebrained scheme concocted by companies? Comment with your thoughts below, or story about your addiction!


2 thoughts on “SUGAR CRUSH!

  1. I too had a stage where I would count down the minutes until I could play again. Dam it was addictive! I think it’s wrong that they have used this knowledge against us. Obviously these games need to make a profit but I think the ethics behind the Candy Crush method of doing so is questionable.


  2. Fellow Candy Crush addict here! I’m slightly ashamed that I’m still addicted with the game even though the fad is moving on. As much as I feel exploited by the techniques they use, it’s also extremely smart and business is business, it’s about making money. It’s more of a question of how far is too far for these games.


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