Stop Shooting Me Idiot! We’re On The Same Team!

I’m not saying I’m a professional video gamer, I’m probably not even a good video gamer, I’m actually quite pathetic, especially at first person shooter games, but I love them none the less.


Now I don’t know about everyone else, but ever since I was a wee little wiper snapper, I’ve loved playing split screen games. It was awesome bonding time with my siblings or friends when you had them over. As I have gotten older, I do understand the appeal in a lot of games moving to the online platform; you don’t have to go over to your mates to play with them, you get an unlimited number of competitors, and you can do it all from the comfort of your own bedroom, but I hate playing like that! Well I don’t hate it, I just prefer the atmosphere of playing alongside someone in the same room split screen style. What I hate is the fact that gamers pretty much have no choice in the matter anymore. As consumers demanded more online compatible games, the split screen started to die out. I see it as a classic ‘be careful what you wish for’ scenario. We all wanted to cut out what little effort and exercise we got going over to a friend’s place to play games that now for a large majority of games (bar some sports and racing games) that’s now our only option.


 I do understand that from a companies perspective this encourages individuals who want to play multiplayer to subscribe usually on a yearly basis to do so. It means that instead of just making that single purchase for the game and never hearing from the player again, these organisations encourage their consumers to come back every year to renew the subscription. This results in more money being spent, and periodic contact between companies and their consumers. What I don’t think is fair is this lack of choice for the consumers. YES it’s getting the companies more money, but can’t they just let us have our bloody split screens back? Won’t it result in a loss of consumers who don’t WANT to use the online platform? Don’t you think we should have the choice!? Why does it have to be an either/or situation?? I think this chick below has got it right.


We recently went and bought the xBox One as a procrastination tactic in the last exam period, it said it came with 4 games. Awesome! One of which was Titanfall which looked pretty cool. It wasn’t until I actually read the description that I realised it’s ONLY available online, and ONLY one player! If I want to play it we have to spend $80 for a 12 month online subscriptions. What’s more, you have to wait for other people to join the game online; my boyfriend waited up to 30 minutes to play a single game online because it took that long to form teams! I think this picture below encompasses my mood.


 So what do you think? Are these companies risking losing consumers by limiting the options to the online platform? Is it downright ‘smart’ or ‘cruel’ to only have this option? If enough people start speaking up, do you think they’ll bring back the split screen option? Leave your comments below!


Sucker For Every Trick In The Book

I’ve got to admit, for a marketing student, I’m one hell of a sucker for the oldest tricks in the book. My most recent big purchase was a new  telly. I had found this Hisense 50” for $498 at The Good Guys, with a 3 year warranty and jumped in my car to check it out. When I got to the store I suddenly started to get cold feet, thinking to myself “do you really need this at the moment?! Shouldn’t you wait and see if there’s better deals around Christmas? Maybe wait until you move out next year?”


It wasn’t until the salesman said the words “we’ve got a few left I think” that I instantly said “I’ll take it”. It was that one small sentence. We have a FEW left. Now I’ve worked a long time in both retail and hospitality, and I know the tricks of using scarcity of a product to try and push sales, if consumers think they are going to miss out, they’re usually more likely to jump at the opportunity to buy it, but I fell for it anyway!


Now, for those of you in my Digi Marketing class, you may recall a few weeks ago, Kristel had one awesome t-shirt on with “the good, the bad and the ugly” written on it with the good/bad cop from the lego movie, for everyone else I’ve stuck a picture above. After the lecture I instantly messaged her with a very serious question as to where I could get one. She directed me to a very interesting website, However, that particular shirt was no longer available. These shirts are only available for a certain amount of time, and there’s a little timer on the side of the site telling you how long you have. However, I decided to stick around and look at what other shirts they had. I fell in love with the geeky designs, especially the Doctor Who ones and made two purchases very very quickly (image below). Now I’m no stranger to online purchases, but I generally only buy things like books, technology, or accessories that don’t necessarily require me to try it on, or check the quality, fabric etc. I hate buying clothes online; over and over I hesitate because I have bought stuff online and regretted it, it doesn’t fit properly, it’s of poor quality, it doesn’t look like it did online, so why did I purchase these shirts so quickly?

blink frozen

The reason was because of FOMO – Fear of missing out. I didn’t want to miss out on these awesome designs. It was probably one of the most successful methods of ‘time out’ purchases I’ve seen online, yeah you always get tempted by scoopon, but you know the product is shit so I usually don’t go on it often. What was strange was the way I immediately let go of all my previous online clothing purchase fears the second this deadline was implemented.

deal ends

What do you guys think? Do you fall for these types of techniques? Have you had a similar situation of FOMO?

What Are You Looking At Glasshole?!

Wearable technology. I’ve got to admit, I’ve been increasingly interested in the new wearable technologies that are making their way on to the market. I’ve investigated all the new watches that have come out but seriously think that I only want one for the sake of wanting one! I keep making excuses like “I’ll use it for monitoring my exercise!” but I know that the tiny screen would just be a pain in the ass and end up going straight back to my phone once the novelty wore off in about 2 weeks. However, one thing I have been eagerly awaiting is the release of the technological glasses. That’s right, I’m a Glasshole, or at least I wish I was. At first I was terribly skeptical about the purpose behind them; I saw it as just another attempt to squeeze money out of those that have it to spend, but after watching this video ( suddenly thought how awesome it would be to be able to do everything just from voice activation, having a camera, phone, GPS as well as countless other devices on you at all times.


I do however have certain reservations about these types of devices. One of which being that it would make others uncomfortable to feel that I basically have a computer on me at all times and they feel I’m invading their privacy (even though technically people don’t seem to care about their own privacy from all the crap they post online without a second thought). Now I know I sound paranoid saying this but another issue I have is that it seems like the type of device where the government, companies or any other number of individuals can basically watch your E-VER-Y MOVE! It could turn into some Total Recall shit where the phones are implanted in people’s hands and then you’re completely track-able (Whilst it is kind of cool, you’ll never lose your phone again, I also kind of get the feeling that it’s like when we stick tracking devices in our pets, we’ll all just suddenly become someone’s animal).


The biggest reservation is our reliance on this type of technology. Will it get to this stage where technology and human become one? Are we all just going to suddenly panic when there’s a major power surge and the technology fails? Are we going to become that heavily reliant on technology that we resemble the humans from the Wall-E Movie?


I never learned to use things like a Melway, and never bothered to learn street names, why would I bother? I had a GPS! I’ll tell you why, because about 2 months ago my GPS crapped itself, and suddenly I had no idea how to go to a number of places I’d been a million times before. Basically, I was screwed.


Whilst these types of technologies offer some fantastic opportunities, I think there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Especially if these technologies become the center of our universe. What do you guys think? Are you pro-wearable tech, or adamant against these contraptions? Let me know in a comment below!


My name is Bec, and I’m a Candy-Crush-Aholic. It’s been about 3 months since my last crush. Everyone jokes around about how addicted they are to Candy Crush, but I legitimately was. I knew that it was time to uninstall Candy Crush when I started closing my eyes, like when I tried to go to sleep, and all I could see was candy combinations. I would desperately wait that dreaded 20 minutes for a new life. So I asked myself “is this just happening to me?” and “why is Candy Crush so addictive?”


The short answer is ‘no’ it wasn’t just happening to me, I had spoken to one other girl who admitted she also had to delete Candy Crush because she too would make combinations when she closed her eyes. In my casual Google searches I came across a report done by one Dana Smith (retrieved from


I’ll give you abridged version. For those of you who haven’t heard of ‘Dopamine’, this is a neurotransmitter that is released in the brain to signal happiness, glee and especially pleasure. Generally this is associated with Gambling when you win, it acts as a reinforcement to encourage you to keep gambling. Candy Crush, along with all the other Saga Games (including Pet Rescue, Farm Hero and Bubble Witch, all of which I had to learn the hard way I’m addicted to) operate on this same system.


These Saga Games have a few easy level to start with, to help start releasing this Dopamine. Once things get a little more difficult this release is more difficult to achieve and more intermitted. Crushers will desperately attempt to achieve this feeling of bliss once more.


Candy crush also limits the amount of time you can spend playing. They provide you with 5 lives, and once they’re gone you need to wait 20 minutes per life. This means that players are always left wanting more, unsatisfied. To try and earn a little cash on the side, these Saga Masterminds have also made it so you can pay cash for the replacement of your lives for those real hardcore addicts (I swear, I have never payed… but may have considered it).


So fellow addicts, how do you feel about this? Are you outraged that this company is conditioning you into coming back, OR is this just smarter than most other harebrained scheme concocted by companies? Comment with your thoughts below, or story about your addiction!